Brief of Garden Home


Garden Home, located in Beijing, is a one-bedroom suite covering a set-inside floor area of 56㎡. This project is expected to explode the rigid definition of space box (i.e. the stereotyped designation of space), and to blur the boundaries and separation in space. In light of occupants’ actual needs, this project design co-opts the design techniques of the Garden on the Yangtze Delta to expand the space like a box keeping unfolding. Different from the abrupt and absolute partitions outside, this interior decor design offers occupants a relaxing ambiance and dreamlike aesthetic of life.

▼项目概览,overall of the project © 逸刻


S-shaped Walls


The two S-shaped walls in the project roughly delineate the function spaces, contributing to an orderly space layout and well-organized furniture arrangement.

▼生长曲线,Wall Trend ©逸刻


s型曲线一|S-shaped Wall No. 1


The curved walls stretches out in line with the current status and the needs of each function space, whose concaveness and convexity both serve specific functional needs and specially leave room for multiple furniture like niches, jewelry cabinets, bedside tables, shoe cabinets, and bookshelves.

▼趋于平直的位置放置沙发,the relatively flat space for a sofa ©逸刻

▼翘起的缝隙作为书架空间,the warped end for a bookshelf ©逸刻

▼卷曲空间放置床头柜,the concave space for a nightstand © 逸刻


s型曲线二|S-shaped Wall No. 2


By removing the use of doors in the space, just with the necessary one for the bathroom, all the function spaces therefore can seamlessly penetrate each other. The walls stretching out in curves offer not only the integrated functionality, but also visually guide the natural transition between spaces. In a nutshell, the S-shaped walls delineate each space, and also blend into the whole project as an intrinsic part.

▼曲面收尾构成了梳妆空间,the concave space for a dresser ©逸刻

▼过渡段百叶帘空间分割,the blinds used for partition in the transition section ©逸刻




A central migration line circling abound the S-shaped walls is naturally formed to offer a closed loop for occupants to smoothly thread their way through each function space. Such a well-organized moving line maximizes the space utilization, and allows occupants to easily reach every space with the shortest walking paths, no backtracking. It opens up and connects the spaces for an open plan design, making for a home that is much roomier with no ends.

▼洄游动线分析,Moving Line Analysis ©逸刻


As a saying goes in China’s first summary of classical gardening techniques, Yuan Ye (Crafts of Gardening), “The aesthetic creation of gardening depends on the tailor-made design according to specific surroundings, in order to make it exquisite and appropriate.” Garden planning tends to attache great importance to landscape design. In this context, the interior decor design aims to deliver the poetic effect of “one step, one view” by co-opting multiple landscaping techniques.

The hidden lamp installed in the crack illuminates the canyon-like space at the entrance,
creating a dreamy lighting effect as if it travelled here from another world ©逸刻

▼玄关处利用墙体形成实和虚的两个界面形成视觉通廊,与客厅产生空间的渗透,卷曲的界面同时也是对下一个空间的暗示和引导,The elaborately designed wall at the porch links the virtual and solid spaces together, so as to deepen the view for a better visual corridor and to seamlessly penetrate into the living room. Moreover, its arc shape drops a hint of leading to the next function space ©逸刻


Through the porch, a multi-functional space composed of a living room, an open-plan kitchen and a desk/table reveals in front of occupants. With the sofa standing against the curving wall, the round tea table in the center dominating the whole space, as well as the simple cabinets and windows, the whole space looks quite spacious and bright.

▼客厅,General View of the Living Room ©逸刻

▼厨房,General View of the Kitchen ©逸刻

▼办公空间,General View of the Office ©逸刻


Constructed with structural beams, the Stoa space features triple arch structures to enhance both the visual order and the perception of depth, along with the lush greenery to spice up the whole decor. The light comes in through the panes leading out onto the balcony, which intensifies the vibe of Grecian columns and also drops a hint on the spacial extension.

▼Stoa式空间,Stoa space ©逸刻

卧室空间的衣柜使用半透明亚克力材质,进行悬浮处理后仿佛是一面消失的衣柜,减少卧室空间的压迫感。 卫生间采用三分离,手盆外置,手盆上部的弧线从天花落下呼应了Stoa空间。

The clever material selection of translucent acrylic coupled with the suspension design makes the wardrobe quite invisible, so as to avoid the oppressive feeling in the bedroom. The bathroom space is divided into three parts: shower space, toilet space and the outside space for the vanity unite. And the arc above the sink naturally goes down from the ceiling, well echoing the Stoa space.

▼卧室空间,Bedroom ©逸刻

▼渐隐衣柜,Sfumato Wardrobe ©逸刻

▼BATHROOM细节,Details of Bathroom ©逸刻

▼平面图,Plan ©逸刻

项目名称:屋有园(Garden Home)
项目地址:北京 朝阳
2022年度A‘Design Award 铜奖
2022年度IAI Design Award 金奖

Project Name: Garden Home
Time: January, 2022
Location: Chaoyang District, Bejing
Project address: Chaoyang, Beijing
Inside area: 56 square meters
Design Company: Beijing Yeak Interior Design Co., Ltd.
Project Design: Liu Zulong, Yi Huile, Xia Yiting
Bronze A’ Design Award, 2022
IAI Gold Award, 2022
Photographer: Weiqi Jin


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