只为旷野无垠 星空依旧灿烂
或许 你还能隐约望见

The wind in the sky does not tie the REINS
We on earth cannot last forever
Only for the wilderness boundless sky is still bright
Maybe you can still see it
I’m riding away since this moment
That will not give up the review
Where the grass is far and wide

▼项目概览,Overall view © 苏圣亮

▼乡村的未来,The future of the rural area ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室


Rural dilemma

英国诗人库伯说“上帝创造了乡村,人类创造了城市”。这是说从人类社会诞生开始,乡村就出现了。城市则完全是人在某种文化的引导下创造出来的新东西。在过去几千年中,乡村一直是中华文明的基础,如今却在如火如荼的城市化进程中遭到冲击。海德格尔也说:但“在大地上”就意味着“在天空下”。两者一道意指“在神面前持留”,并且包含着一种“向人之并存的归属”。从一种原始的统一性而来,天、地、神、人“四方”(die Vier)归于一体。但是乡村会在中国消失吗?在新的时代里,乡村振兴成为了中国国家发展战略的一部分,旨在促进农村地区的发展和提高农民的生活水平。可持续发展是指在保护环境和资源的前提下,通过解决经济、社会、环境三者之间的矛盾,实现经济增长、社会进步、生态平衡的发展目标。

The English poet Cooper said, “God made the country, man made the city.” This means that villages have been around since the beginning of human society. Cities are entirely new things created by people under the guidance of a certain culture. The countryside, which has been the foundation of Chinese civilization for thousands of years, is now being hit by the fierce urbanization process. Heidegger also said: but “on the earth” means “under the sky”. Together they mean “to remain in the presence of God” and contain a “coexistence of belonging to man”. From a primordial unity, the “die Vier” (heaven, earth, God and man) is one. But will the countryside disappear in China? In the new era, rural revitalization has become part of China’s national development strategy, aiming to promote the development of rural areas and improve farmers’ living standards. Sustainable development means to achieve the goals of economic growth, social progress and ecological balance by resolving the contradictions among economy, society and environment on the premise of protecting the environment and resources.

▼乡村困境,Rural dilemma ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室


Infrastructure features are slightly updated


▼设施分类,The category of infrastructure ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼设施与功能结合,Combination of facilities and functions ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼稻田:生产与景观的结合 © 苏圣亮
Rice fields: the combination of production and landscape

Agricultural development is an important part of the rural revitalization strategy. Agricultural development is of great significance in promoting rural economic development, increasing farmers’ income and promoting rural social prosperity. There is a large amount of infrastructure in the countryside, including sluices, greenhouses, roads, sentry posts, substations, canals, farmways, sewage stations and so on. Most of these infrastructures do not have many design elements, and many of them suffer from vacancy and low utilization of space. These infrastructures have basic structural security, so there are many advantages in using the existing infrastructures to carry out a series of rural micro-renewal. The advantages of rural micro-renewal can be fully realized by rapidly artistic treatment of infrastructure and superimposing new functions in the way of light intervention.

▼场地鸟瞰,Aerial view © 苏圣亮


Micro update with dots and facets of art


▼乡村的包容性,Inclusiveness of the countryside ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼乡村艺术多样性,Diversity of rural arts ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼乡村艺术分析图,Diagram ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

Artistic leadership refers to guiding and guiding the development direction of society through the power of art. Artistic leadership can also play an important role in the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. Specifically, it can be achieved in the following ways: Promoting rural cultural inheritance: Through the guidance of art, it can promote rural cultural inheritance and help farmers better understand and inherit their own culture. Among them, the more famous Yuehou Wife has the earth art season. Like other rural areas, Yuehou Wife has been affected by aging and population loss, resulting in about 500 empty houses and 20 abandoned schools. Under the planning of the professional art team of the internationally renowned exhibition master Fulo Kitagawa, these unused Spaces are actively used. Through the close integration of modern art, local culture and land, the first large-scale exhibition “Yuehou Wife You Earth Art Festival” was held in 2000, which was well received and has since become a regular event every three years. It is also the world’s largest international outdoor art festival.

▼田园牧歌艺术观景台:如果云知道,The art installation © 苏圣亮


Reboot the native ability micro update


At the heart of the rebooting is the return of emotion to the countryside. That means making people feel the charm of the countryside, making people feel the value of the countryside again, and making people want to go back to country life. It can improve the quality of rural life, promote the development of rural tourism and improve the rural environment by means of rural micro-renewal. Bring the rural industry into the country through the empowerment of agriculture +, so that the village can have industry, have a small amount of money, survive and operate for a long time. Let the family, love and friendship in the countryside lasting ferment, finally become people fall in love with the countryside.

▼农业+赋能闭环图,Agriculture + Empowerment ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼乡村振兴分析图,Rural update ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室


Local practice of rural micro-renewal


Jinmao Pastoral Project is located in a corner of the field of Nantangdian Village, South Taihu. The “Watchman Lighthouse” was formerly Daxing Port sluice Gate, which is the highest point of the mainland landmark several kilometers around. The structure of the building and the function of the sluice are well preserved. However, due to years of use and historical deposition, the facade is dilapidated and obsolete, which needs to awaken a new look to give the surrounding landscape a new vitality. Located on a machine-ploughed path in the field, the “Hometown Cloud” provides a viewing platform overlooking the fields. The “Watchman Lighthouse”, formerly known as Daxing Port Sluice Gate, is located on a river in a field in Tangdian Village and is the highest point of the surrounding inland landmark for several kilometers. The structure of the building and the function of the sluice are well preserved. However, due to years of use and historical deposition, the facade is dilapidated and obsolete, which needs to awaken a new look to give the surrounding landscape a new vitality.

▼区位分析,Location ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼周边环境分析,Context ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室




Narrative 1: Reinventing infrastructure

▼水闸插画鸟瞰,The sluice ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼现场照片,Exterior view © 苏圣亮


再造工业遗迹 | Remanufactured industrial relics


▼改造前后对比,Renovation before and after ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼改造策略,Strategy ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼外立面改造策略,Facade renovation ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

The new sluice continues the original structure of looking at each other, and the spire at the top is transformed into a new geometric space of one side and one circle respectively, which coincides with the four sides of the sky and time, and the process of everything from nothing to something. In the transparent spire space, you can overlook the whole Jinmao plain. The newly born sluice is like a watchman in the field, facing east. In the morning, you can watch the sunrise in the field. Reconstruction of existing buildings based on the twin towers. The furthest distance in the world is the distance between people’s hearts. Behind the daily crowded life is the most distant distance between people. Love is also tested by money, family, future, reality and temptation. From attraction to estrangement, to unity and birth of a new life.

▼改造后的水闸,The sluice after renovation © 苏圣亮


It is particularly full of human interest and frustration in the background of rural grand narrative. Ordinary people’s small love in the big times is insignificant, but today the city’s only temperature. The e original building serves as a sluice gate for infrastructure, and its ancient sluice gate still has an important function. In fact, the aesthetic life and the working life have never been separated, and may constitute an ideal life together. In the construction and use of various buildings in early China, the attributes of agricultural production have always been included. Sluices not only contain the spatial aesthetic system but also the basic agricultural production system.

▼远景,Distant view © 苏圣亮


空间游走 | Space migration

文艺的基点重新落于自然。 坐在水闸建筑漂咖啡的下方,有塔之书屋丰富人文气息和文创周边展示,在底层也设置了接待空间和相关工作人员的办公区。 室内通体为清水混凝土和木色为主材,辅以镜面不锈钢和玻璃作为点缀,其中,两侧通往塔顶的楼梯也被设计成一圆一方不同形态,并选用粉色和蓝色的涂料,来比拟一个男孩与一个女孩相互守望的意向。

The basis of literature and art once again falls on nature. Sitting below the floating coffee of the sluice building, the library of the tower is rich in cultural atmosphere and cultural and creative surrounding display. The reception space and office area for relevant staff are also set up on the ground floor. The whole interior is made of raw concrete and wood color as the main material, supplemented by mirror stainless steel and glass as the embellishment. The stairs leading to the top of the tower on both sides are also designed into a circle and a different shape, and the selection of pink and blue paint, to compare the intent of a boy and a girl watching each other.

▼水闸西侧入口,Western entrance © 苏圣亮

▼剖面动图,Section diagram ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼流线动图,Circulation diagram ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

红砖墙面的水闸中部有廊道相连,透明的玻璃幕墙使视野完全开敞,面向河道及田野,中间仍放置水闸机械,保留其原始的功能及元素,两侧改造为漂咖啡,打造品牌特色的同时,将文艺的基点重新落于自然。 坐在水闸建筑漂咖啡的下方,有塔之书屋丰富人文气息和文创周边展示,在底层也设置了接待空间和相关工作人员的办公区。 室内通体为清水混凝土和木色为主材,辅以镜面不锈钢和玻璃作为点缀,其中,两侧通往塔顶的楼梯也被设计成一圆一方不同形态,并选用粉色和蓝色的涂料,来比拟一个男孩与一个女孩相互守望的意向。

The central part of the lock on the red brick wall is connected by a corridor. The transparent glass curtain wall makes the vision completely open, facing the river and the fields. The lock machine is still placed in the middle, preserving its original function and elements. Sitting below the floating coffee of the sluice building, the library of the tower is rich in cultural atmosphere and cultural and creative surrounding display. The reception space and office area for relevant staff are also set up on the ground floor. The whole interior is made of raw concrete and wood color as the main material, supplemented by mirror stainless steel and glass as the embellishment. The stairs leading to the top of the tower on both sides are also designed into a circle and a different shape, and the selection of pink and blue paint, to compare the intent of a boy and a girl watching each other.

▼水闸室内实景,Interior view © 苏圣亮


马房咖啡(一层)| – Stables Coffee (Level 1)


▼一层改造策略,Renovation strategy (Level 1) ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼一层原始照片,1F space before renovation ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

The design style based on fair-faced concrete material is simple and modern, which can give people a relaxed and natural feeling. When designing the cafe, consider the following points: Consider using fair-faced concrete as the main building material of the cafe, to create a simple and modern atmosphere for the space. Natural materials such as wood and cloth are used to complement the concrete material, making the space more warm and natural. When arranging furniture, you can choose a simple design style to make the space more open. In the lighting design, the interior is kept relatively dark, and local atmosphere lights are embellished to create a quiet atmosphere for the space. The inverted triangle hanging on the ceiling vaguely reveals the spatial image of the upper library, breaking the space limited by the floor board.

▼一层咖啡厅实景,The cafe after renovation © 苏圣亮


无限图书馆(二层)| – Infinity Library (Level 2)


The library is a wood-based book space with a two-storey double-height design and a mirror-like stainless steel ceiling to create an infinitely derivative feeling of towering space. The glass of the floor is connected to the cafe on the first floor.

▼二层改造策略,Renovation strategy (Level 2) ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼二层原始照片,2F space before renovation ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼二层图书空间,The library on the second floor © 苏圣亮


视野通廊(四层) | – View Gallery (Level 4)


The fourth floor is the link between the two towers, providing excellent views through large floor-to-ceiling mirror glazing. It has a beautiful view over the whole agricultural area.

▼四层改造策略,Renovation strategy (Level 4) ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼四层原始照片,4F space before renovation ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼四层休憩空间,Leisure area on the 4th floor © 苏圣亮


冥思之层(五层)| – The Layers of Meditation (Level 5)


Display space — a link space dominated by fair-faced concrete, which leads to the top of the tower through two staircases of different colors.

▼五层改造策略,Renovation strategy (Level 5) ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼五层原始照片,5F space before renovation ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼方案效果图,Interior rendering ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室


顿悟(屋顶层)| – Insight (Roof floor)


Top floor – Excellent 360 degree viewing space dominated by glass facade. The removal of the existing roof creates a 360-degree panoramic view.

▼屋顶层改造策略,Renovation strategy (Top level) ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼屋顶观景空间,Viewing platform on the top floor © 苏圣亮


Architectural detail


▼屋顶建造技术,Roof construction ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

The theme of the building keeps the original structure unchanged. After the original roof is removed, it is replaced by a glass roof. The roof is supported by columns, which first encloses the required shape, and then adopts glass splicing to form a glass wall. Hollow out brick wall by inserting steel structure in the hollow part of the existing wall, layer upon layer, red brick staggered layer, so as to form the hollow out brick wall effect. The original aluminum curtain wall was removed and replaced with a traditional red PK brick curtain wall system. Make the ancient buildings more solemn and elegant, highlighting the pastoral style. The original hole window was removed and replaced with red fancy ceramic tile + Changhong glass window curtain wall system.

▼建筑外观,Exterior view © 苏圣亮


▼外立面,Facade © 苏圣亮

▼镂空砖建造技术,Brick wall construction ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

The mechanism of the opening of the fancy ceramic curtain wall is the same as that of the big red PK brick curtain wall, which makes the sky become a unified whole. The fancy mesh void is integrated with function and art. During the day, the window and the big wall are integrated, and at night, the hollow transmission lights more, giving out a charming artistic atmosphere. The original aluminum curtain wall and Windows of the balcony were removed and replaced with a glass curtain wall system of transverse light and vertical concealing. The panel adopts large plates of highly reflective glass, highlighting the upscale atmosphere of the building. The indoor light is soft, and people can enjoy the outdoor scenery clearly while retaining the private effect of the interior. The decorative elements and walls of the red tiled spire were removed and replaced with a highly permeable glass curtain wall system and an impervious steel roof. Glass curtain wall adopts large plate super white laminated glass, curtain wall steel columns directly support the roof structure, the roof panel adopts large plate stainless honeycomb panel, simple and exquisite structure, the east side is square glass curtain wall, the west side is oval glass curtain wall, low-key simple glass curtain wall with elegant stainless steel roof.

▼立面局部,Facade partial view © 苏圣亮

▼室内视角,View from inside © 苏圣亮


岁月与文明 | Time and civilization

“在这个小小的暗淡蓝点上,你所爱的每一个人,你认识的每一个人,你听说过的每一个人,曾经存在过的每一个人,都在上面度过他们的一生。我们的欢乐与痛苦,数以千计自以为是的宗教、意识形态和经济学说,所有的猎人与强盗、英雄与懦夫、文明的缔造者与毁灭者、国王与农夫、年轻的情侣、母亲与父亲、满怀希望的孩子、发明家和探险家、德高望重的教师、腐败的政客、超级明星、最高领袖、人类历史上的每一个圣人与罪犯,都在这里——一粒悬浮在阳光中的微尘……”这里的文明充满焦虑,算计,斗争与欺骗,而平凡的感情几乎是最后避风港。在超人尺度的空间时间背景下,守望岁月就如同是宇宙中的毫无存在感的一瞬间!但是对于你我,这就是文明的全部…… 灯塔是黑暗中的已知点,我们要做的事情是点亮灯。在日暮时分,夜色降临时,灯塔上的光会被点亮,在孤独的花海与田野里,你我相遇,也是一个故事和灯塔的相遇。相遇,获得,失去,成长,释怀,收获。我与旧事归于尽,来年依旧迎花开。

“On this little dim blue dot, everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you’ve ever heard of, everyone who has ever existed, spends their lives on it. Our joys and pains, thousands of self-righteous religions, ideologies and economic doctrines, To all the hunters and robbers, heroes and cowards, civilisation-builders and destroyers, Kings and peasants, young lovers, mothers and fathers, hopeful children, inventors and explorers, respected teachers, corrupt politicians, superstars, supreme leaders, every saint and criminal in the history of mankind, It’s all here — a speck of dust suspended in the sun……” In a civilization of anxiety, calculation, struggle and deception, ordinary feelings are almost the last refuge. In the context of space and time of superhuman scale, the watchday is just like a moment of no sense of existence in the universe! But for you and me, that’s what civilization is all about…… A lighthouse is a known point in the darkness, and what we need to do is light the lights. In the evening, when the night comes, the light on the lighthouse will be lit, in the lonely sea of flowers and fields, you and I meet, but also a story and the lighthouse meet. Meet, gain, lose, grow, let go, gain. I and the old things end, the next year is still welcome flowers.

▼水闸夜景,Night view © 苏圣亮



Narrative 2: Art leads, Clouds of the Earth


Field ear


Missing is a long line,
To the arms of lovers,
A wanderer’s bag,
The care of loved ones.

▼如果云知道装置,The installation “If the clouds know” © 苏圣亮


Based on the concept of “If the clouds know”, the whole installation is suspended above paddy fields and canals, complementing the vast farmlands and distant green hills. Like a pair of big hands to support the sky, and like the advent of outer space spacecraft, but also like a harvest after the full load of food spacecraft. Rice fields, canals, distant mountains, white clouds glow each other, hard-working sweat, the joy of harvest, lovers’ love together deduce a pastoral song.

▼设计概念,Design concept ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼项目实景,Exterior view © 苏圣亮


Vision of dreams


Missing is a changing dream,
The embrace of lovers,
The return of a wanderer,
The meals of loved ones.

▼装置夜景,Night view © 苏圣亮


The shape stands in the environment in a simple form. The shape of the clouds is a parameterized broken line shape, full of a sense of power. The white material is pure and neat. A large number of triangular matrix is used in the modeling, emphasizing the sense of power and impact of the form. The structure of the landscape tower adopts cantilever form to fully show the surreal floating sense of mechanical components. The cantilevered top platform is located in the middle of the entire rice field, and the cloud-shaped open-view viewing platform at the top faces the landmark building in the skyline, the Shuzha Library. On the platform, visitors can experience different levels of natural landscape through 360-degree multi-directional views.

▼装置日景,Exterior view in the daytime © 苏圣亮

▼装置细节,Detailed view © 苏圣亮


Tone of Light (Material design)


Missing is high clouds,
Is the friendship of lovers,
Is the remote mail of a wanderer,
The sustenance of loved ones.

▼装置夜晚灯光效果,Lighting effect by night © 苏圣亮


The staircase is made of a fully reflective aluminum sheet that reflects the surrounding environment, allowing the cantilevered structure to disappear from the environment. The material of the cloud is perforated metal plate, and the translucent hazy material is well integrated with the agricultural ecological nature, which is also the embodiment of industrialization and intelligent manufacturing.

▼楼梯内部,Staircase detailed view © 苏圣亮

▼楼梯外观,Staircase exterior view © 苏圣亮

▼夜景,Night view © 苏圣亮


Human emotion


If the cloud knew,
It will tell the missing to the people far away.
Standing in this cloud is standing beside you.

▼漂浮于稻田之上的白色云朵,A white cloud floats “alone” over the wide paddy fields © 苏圣亮


At night, the lights were on, and the clouds were illuminated by the light. A white cloud floats “alone” over the wide paddy fields, becoming the landmark of the whole area. Rice canal into, rapid progress. No matter it is a long time away from home, or lovers, or hard working farmers can find their own spiritual home in the “If cloud know” device.

▼“如果云知道”装置照片,If the cloud knew © 苏圣亮


Let’s go to the country!


The countryside, with its unique natural environment, is attracting more and more young people, including artists. The countryside used to be more of an ideal place to live, where “poetic dwelling” became a reality. Under the systematic guidance of rural revitalization, we hope that our small buildings can make a small contribution.

▼整体场地鸟瞰,Overall view © 苏圣亮

▼水闸立面图,Sluice elevation ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼水闸剖面图1,Sluice section 1 ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼水闸剖面图2,Sluice section 2 ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼水闸首层平面,Sluice plan level 1 ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼水闸各层平面,Sluice plans ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼装置立面图,Installation elevation ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室

▼装置结构图,Structure ©上海交通大学奥默默工作室


落地施工项目总监:刘清哲 (永一格)

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