Espace Pierre Tallagrand是一座具有创新性的体育中心,坐落在法国多尔市18世纪历史城区中央的Armes广场。为了提高城市中心区的吸引力,多尔市选择将功能强大且充满活力的体育设施汇集到同一个区域,以便为学校和公众提供大面积的运动空间。

TNA Architectes inaugurated with the Minister for Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, the Espace Pierre Tallagrand, a new innovative and unique sports facility, located on a Place d’Armes, in the heart of a city 18th century history in Dole, in the Jura. To develop the attractiveness of the city center, the city of Dole has opted for an original approach by taking the strong and dynamic part of bringing together in a single place, in the heart of the historic city of the 18th century, large areas sports for schools and the public.

▼建筑概览,General view ©Paul Kozlowski

该项目包含一个带看台的体育活动大厅、一个双场地的体育馆、舞蹈厅、室内攀岩墙以及室内外泳池等,由TNA建筑事务所与Vinci Group合作设计。


▼剖面图,Section © TNA Architectes

A group of equipment, an omnisport event hall with bleachers, a double gymnasium, dance hall, climbing wall indoor and outdoor pools designed by TNA Architectes and in partnership with the Vinci Group.

The urban composition of Place Précipiano gives it a real richness due to the assembly of a perfectly regular shape (characteristic of the Places of Arms) counterbalanced by the interesting architectural diversity of its buildings of various profiles and eras. TNA’s project is part of this diversity, by offering a strong fourth facade, unitary, contemporary in its design, and respectful of heritage by its materiality since it is clad in a Burgundy stone in thick slabs.

▼场地鸟瞰,Aerial view ©

▼建筑外部以勃艮第厚石板包覆,The facades are clad in a Burgundy stone in thick slabs ©Paul Kozlowski

▼停车场视角,View from the park ©Paul Kozlowski


The building is designed around the principle of a clear and legible distribution of functions by distinct levels. This vertical stratification, distributed by a circulation core, around a fresco by Vasarely, which has been restored to its exact original place and dimension, right in the heart of the project, allows a good distinction between the different flows, without crossing at the – beyond the reception.

▼轴测图,Axon © TNA Architectes


Four levels, four functions


Each level of the complex – ground floor, garden level, first floor and second floor – is assigned a function… The ground floor, on the same level as the square, is devoted to reception, with a large atrium opening onto the esplanade, very bright. All users of the equipment pass through there, regardless of their destination. It distributes all levels. It’s a bit of the equipment hub.

▼入口层,Entrance level ©Paul Kozlowski

▼中庭空间贯穿了各个楼层,The large atrium opening onto the esplanade ©Paul Kozlowski

▼楼梯沿着Vasarely创作的壁画展开,The circulation core extends around a fresco by Vasarely ©Paul Kozlowski


The garden level is the kingdom of the aquatic world, with two pool halls that can be either separated or joined together, and the Nordic pool, outside. Group and individual changing rooms with showers are dedicated to each of the halls, avoiding the crossing of different audiences.

▼户外泳池,Outdoor pool ©Paul Kozlowski

▼室内游泳馆,The pool hall ©Paul Kozlowski

▼泳池平台夜景,Pool terrace by night ©Paul Kozlowski


The Espace Pierre Talagrand offers a very nice aquatic offer: it offers no less than three covered pools, a Nordic pool, and finally, a splashpad. This configuration makes it possible to accommodate three different audiences at the same time. For example, you can receive a school audience in the pool hall which includes a learning pool and a sports pool. The latter is a regulatory 25m pool in which competitions can also be organized up to the national level. Next to it, separated by bay windows, the “fun” hall welcomes a family audience, with a pool equipped with water jets and a splashpad area.

▼淋浴和更衣区,changing rooms with showers ©Paul Kozlowski

▼浴池、淋浴间和桑拿室,Basin, shower and sauna ©Paul Kozlowski

▼休息区,Seating area ©Paul Kozlowski

▼淋浴间,Shower room ©Paul Kozlowski


The first floor is reserved for “dry” sports.  It includes three gymnasiums, a dojo, a climbing hall … The organization of the many changing rooms is identical to that of the pools. Whether in a group or individually, you enter a cloakroom dedicated to the room you are going to, without crossing users of other rooms.

▼二层体育馆视角,View from the first floor  ©Paul Kozlowski

▼比赛场地和看台,The event hall with bleachers ©Paul Kozlowski

▼道场,Dojo ©Paul Kozlowski

▼攀岩馆,Climbing hall ©Paul Kozlowski


Finally, the top floor has a strong event dimension. On the one hand, it gives access to the stands of the honorary gymnasium; and on the other hand it includes a multipurpose room that can accommodate gym and yoga classes…but also receptions. It has great assets to fulfill this mission, with its bay windows overlooking the gymnasium on one side and the Doubs on the other, as well as a large terrace…

▼多功能厅,Multipurpose room ©Paul Kozlowski


There is a final level, in the basement, invisible to users since it houses all the technical installations of the building.

▼建筑侧立面,The lateral facade ©Paul Kozlowski

▼建筑夜景,Night view ©Paul Kozlowski

▼总平面图,Master © TNA Architectes

▼底层平面图,Plan RDC © TNA Architectes

▼花园层平面图,Plan RDJ © TNA Architectes

▼二层平面图,Plan R+1 © TNA Architectes

▼三层平面图,Plan R+2 © TNA Architectes

Client: Communauté d’Agglomération du Grand Dole
Line-up: ISC
Project manager: TNA Architectes and Serge Roux Architectes
Project supervision: Thierry Nabères and Elise Thullier
Development and implementation monitoring: Annabelle Deverge and Julia Morawiec
Surface: 9,600 m2
Cost of the works: € 25,000,000
Delivery: 2021
Partners – Companies: C3B / S.ROUX / KATENE / ETAMINE / IMPACT ACOUSTIC / CAMPENON Bernard Verazzi / VINCI Facilities
Photographic credit © Paul Kozlowski
Drone photos ©