Ankara has a new landmark with an international appeal; The Presidential Symphony Concert Hall which lies in the heart of the city , right in the middle of the axis going between the historic Ankara Castle and Anıtkabir (Mausoleum of Atatürk). The cutting- edge building with its focus on culture aims to prove an asset to both local and global music scene while being the product and instigator of interaction and exchange among citizens.

▼项目概览,General view © Cemal Emden

1992年5月,阿塔图尔克文化中心(ACC)总统府交响乐团音乐厅的全国建筑设计竞赛正式启动。由建筑师Semra Uygur和Özcan Uygur共同提交的方案最终从其他的45个参赛作品中脱颖而出并摘得桂冠。该设计的出发点是作为城市统一过程的一部分,将1981年被指定为阿塔图尔克文化中心的几个不同的区域进行整合。音乐中心的建筑群被植入到一个相对荒废的城市景观中,其所在的场地是唯一一处可以从阿塔图尔克大道望向阿塔图尔克陵墓的缺口。自安卡拉第一次实施城市规划以来,阿塔图尔克大道一直是该市的主要道路。

In May 1992, national architectural project competition for the building of ACC (Atatürk Cultural Center) Presidential Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall was announced. The proposed project, submitted by Semra Uygur and Özcan Uygur, was chosen over forty-five other entries. Design principal of the first prize winner project of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall started as an urban unification process in order to merge the divisions of area designated as Atatürk Cultural Center in 1981. The music center complex is embedded in the relatively abandoned city-landscape within a field which is the only gap looking through Anıtkabir from Ataturk Boulevard which functions as the main avenue since the first urban plans of Ankara.

▼从水池望向建筑群,View to the complex from the pool © Cemal Emden

▼室内音乐厅外观,Exterior view of the Champher Orchestra Hall © Cemal Emden


▼场地平面图,Site plan

The winning project became prominent among other competition entries with its spatial quailty of being timeless by providing a compelling social urban relation. By spotting that the site is embedded in the relatively abandoned city-landscape within a field which is the only gap looking through Anıtkabir and the historic Ankara City castle from Atatürk Boulevard, the main principal of the design constitutes itself. The decision was to avoid interrupting the views of Ankara’s symbolic Anıtkabir mausoleum dedicated to modern Turkey’s founder and first president, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The design strategy prioritizes vistas of both monuments. According to the jury report, the building reveals a symbolic architecture that will not wear out over time, rather than a design language that can be valid for a certain period of time.

▼建筑与城市环境,The project in its urban context © Cemal Emden


The configuration of the complex is so designed that the triangular prism foyer joins the dialogue between Ankara castle and Anıtkabir. Thus, a depiction of the “Before and After Republic” intensified through a cultural house. This foyer is designed as an “urban room” by being transparent and publicly accessible.

▼三棱柱状的门厅,The triangular prism foyer © Cemal Emden

▼门厅入口立面,Entrance facade © Cemal Emden

▼门厅内部,Interior view of the foyer © Cemal Emden

▼门厅连接了两个音乐厅,The foyer connects the two Orchestra Halls © Cemal Emden

▼门厅的透明屋顶,The transparent roof of the foyer © Cemal Emden

▼从门厅望向室内音乐厅,View to the Champher Orchestra Hall from the foyer © Cemal Emden

The elevator and the Champher Orchestra Hall © Cemal Emden

▼室内细节,Interior view © Cemal Emden

交响乐团音乐厅位于巨大的蛋形穹顶内,可容纳2000名观众;室内乐团音乐厅以球体的形式从三角形的门厅体量中“跳脱”出来,可以容纳500名观众。交响乐团音乐厅的设计沿袭了葡萄园大厅的建筑理念,音乐家们的舞台被放置在中央,观众席则以显著的倾斜度分布在舞台的周围。为了保证完美的声学质量,建筑师团队与来自德国的W. Fasold教授和Fraunhofer建筑物理研究所进行了合作。


The colossal egg-shaped dome designed as Symphony Orchetsra Hall with the capacity of 2000 audience, and the sphere dome designed as Champher Orchestra Hall with the capacity of 500 audience are popping out of this vaulted triangular prism foyer. Following the vineyard hall architecture concept, in The Symphony Orchestra Hall musicians are placed in the middle, while audiences rise in a steep incline to surround the stage. To ensure the perfect acoustic qualities, German Professor W. Fasold together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics collaborated with architects.

▼交响乐团音乐厅,The Symphony Orchetsra Hall © Cemal Emden

Audience area of the Symphony Orchetsra Hall © Cemal Emden

▼室内音乐厅,The Champher Orchestra Hall © Cemal Emden

Audience area of the Champher Orchestra Hall © Cemal Emden

▼音乐厅外部走廊,Corridor outside the hall © Cemal Emden

▼顶层餐厅,Restaurant on the top floor © Cemal Emden

▼餐厅和穹顶概览,General view of the restaurant © Cemal Emden


Concrete shells of these two halls’ domes are constructed by unique pneumatic formworks. This is a technique used for a few times in the world, and this was the first time used in Turkey. Foyer and the concert halls are sunken and located on the lowest level of the site. The symbolical approach is depicted by the distinct and dynamic Euclidian forms and their poetic compositions. Foyer and the concert halls are located on the lowest level of the site and a reflection pool surrounded them. The pool mirrors the sky, the city and the halls around reflecting the different weather conditions and redefines the atmosphere every single day.

▼屋顶视角,Rooftop view © Cemal Emden

▼建筑立面细节,Facade detailed view © Cemal Emden


On both sides of this rectangular pool two identical buildings are positioned diagonally as if popping out of the earth enigmatizing and embracing the concert halls. The complex creates a crater lake imprint and otherworldly impact. In these upward-tilted buildings administrative and educational units and professional studios are found. Guest’s experience is a clear incentive which eschews a singular roof or façade to convey a sculptural structure composed of seemingly independent forms and the balance of curvilinear and sharp-edged buildings.

▼从水池望向音乐厅和倾斜的建筑,View to the hall and the diagonally positioned building from the pool © Cemal Emden

▼倾斜的建筑内部,Interior view of the upward-tilted building © Cemal Emden

▼通高中庭,The full height atrium © Cemal Emden

▼交通空间,Circulation © Cemal Emden

▼走廊,Corridor © Cemal Emden


The new building complex constitutes an indoor area of 62,547 square meters. In addition to the Turkish Presidential Symphony Orchestra, it will host the Ankara State Polyphonic Choir, Ankara Turkic World Music Ensemble, Ankara State Turkish Folk Music Choir, Ankara State Classical Turkish Music Choir and State Folk Dances Ensemble.

▼排练室,Rehearsal room © Cemal Emden

▼音乐工作室,Music studio © Cemal Emden


Dating from 1992, the extraordinary construction story of The Presidential Symphony Concert Hall complex is eventually concluded. The foundation was laid in 1997, and the construction endured until the year of 2014 because of insufficient allowance. In the year of 2017 construction process is launched again and in the year of 2020 the complex was almost done. During this 29 years period since the competition, 5 Presidents, 10 Prime Ministers, and 20 different Ministers of Culture have taken charge in. On 3rd of December 2020, Presidential Symphony Orchestra inaugurated this new concert hall with a gala event.

▼外部走廊夜景,The outdoor corridor by night © Cemal Emden


Located in the heart of the city, The Presidential Symphony Concert Hall Complex stands as an architectural landmark and can be seen by all and sundry because of its significant positioning and striking image. The design is an unintentional statement on a futuristic aesthetic which looks back at the time of conceptualization from the very future.

▼建筑群整体夜景,Overall view of the complex by night © Cemal Emden

▼场地平面图,Site plan © Uygur Architects

▼平面图,Plan © Uygur Architects

▼剖面图,Section © Uygur Architects


Location: Ankara, central Turkey
Completion date: 2021
Project team: Uygur Architects
Photography: Cemal Emden