OMA 旗下的研究机构 AMO为宝格丽设计了2021 年夏季珠宝秀的展场与宣传视频。项目由Ellen van Loon 和 Giulio Margheri负责。本次珠宝秀作为米兰的焦点,体现出对尺度和时间的精心把控,使精美的珠宝与辉煌的城市建筑相映成趣。

Milan, June 21, 2021 – Bvlgari’s Summer 2021 show is designed by AMO, the research counterpart of OMA. The project is led by Ellen van Loon and Giulio Margheri. The jewelry collection is presented in one of the highlights of the city of Milan. In manipulating scale and time, the show creates a mutually reinforcing encounter between the splendors of fine jewelry and architecture.

▼珠宝秀与城市建筑,fine jewelry and architecture © AMO

▼视频场景,Video Art Scene © AMO

宝格丽 2021 年夏季高级珠宝秀标志着AMO与该品牌的首次合作。OMA 合伙人 Ellen van Loon介绍道:“我们的设计概念源于情感和机械的关联与互动。我们希望场景能够呼应高级珠宝的设计流程,展现出幕后的工艺。”

Bvlgari’s Summer 2021 fine jewelry show marks AMO’s first collaboration with the brand. OMA Partner Ellen van Loon: “We conceptualized the production as an interplay of the lyrical and the mechanical. We wanted to create scenes that resonate with the design of fine jewelry, as much as the artisanship behind the scenes.”

▼秀场圆盘装置,disk installation of the jewelry show © AMO

▼圆盘装置正面,disk detail © AMO

▼概念模型,concept model © AMO

Project: Bvlgari Fine Jewelry Show Summer 2021
Location: Milan, Italy
Client: Bvlgari
Partner: Ellen van Loon
Team: Giulio Margheri, Gioiele Colombo, Camille Filbien, Valerio Di Festa, Lina Jaidi, Magda Narkiewicz, Alexandru Tintea, Eleni Vernavides
Director: Tommaso Ottomano
Director of Photography: Marco de Pasquale Video Production: April SRL
Scenography production: Urban Production SRL Animation: Alto Piano
Music: Marco Guazzone


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